16th November 2009

We had a wonderful whirlwind tour of our mastiful Mumbai… in the last 3 weeks, we did 4 YES!+ courses, 2 Sahaj courses, 1 DSN and a YES!+ Huddle (whats that? Well, come and find out the next time we have one)!! More than 700 people were on the courses with us… Meanwhile the other YES!+ teachers in Mumbai were having their own courses too… Ended with a superb talk (if i may say so myself 🙂 ) at IIT Bombay at the Lecture Theatre which was packed … not a single seat was available! And for the first time, Dinesh and i were official guests of IIT Bombay!

Finished reading Terry Brooks’ A Princess of Landover… cool nice fantasy… a great quickie read.

We are back in our beloved Bangalore and its nice and cold and Guruji is here and everything is fantastic! 🙂

Jai Gurudeva!



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  1. Dear Bau,

    Simply love the way you have put this……
    “…..beloved Bangalore…….Guruji is here……..everything is fantastic”
    This sounded like music to ears :-))

  2. Jai Gurudev Bau!!!

    the talk was fantastic…and it was the first time that sooo many YES!+ teachers came to the campus…it was like being in Ashram again…the same excitement and satva!

    can’t wait till the Winter Break… 🙂

  3. Hi Bau n Dinesh Bhaiyya,
    I read ur comments on the book 2 States, and the very next day finished it. It was nice to even read his earlier 5. someone book. about their experiences in IIT.
    I feel that You could also tell us about ur side of stories from the IIT campus. We all will Love to read it. Like how U came into AOL and abt how u conducted courses in IIT, etc..etc..etc.. fun unlimited..

  4. 🙂

  5. awesome!! fantastic!!
    i want to ask what seva exactly means? i am engg,searching for jog. i have time.always feel that i am lacking in seva.dts why i feel restless. i know abt AOL,guruji..but i can’t tell it to people & make them to do the courses..what else i can do as a seva? please guide me..
    jai gurudev!

  6. Sachin Chansarkar17 November, 2009

    Can you plz send me the Video of your talk plz…chansarkar2001@yahoo.com…It will be helpful for me in Nigeria.

  7. vemuri rahul17 November, 2009

    jaigrudev bau! I’ve written you a mail on vote earth… please check it out 🙂

  8. u make me miss ashram more!!!!

  9. Jgd bau,
    i heard that lecture on phone 🙂 my brother is studyin in IIT-B n he was attending ur session…i heard the entire lecture on phone…thanks to the technology 🙂
    ps: i made notes too 😉

    love you loadss…

  10. Loved the way you Put it “official Guests” in your own IIT… Its like Bau even we studied with you both. The amount of mentioning I do about You and Dinesh Da in courses, stints in IIT. Cool :)Nice that you Both are Back….
    Jai Guru Dev Bau