21st Oct 2009

Bawa: Finally finished reading Julie and Julia… Really didn’t like the book so much at all… though there were a few extremely memorable chapters, over all it was a drag… I hope the movie is better. Maybe we will see it when it is released in India later this week… It’s all about this New york chick (Julie) who decides to make 524 extremely french recipes from a the classic (?) recipe book Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child in one years time. She records bit by painful bit of the adventure on her blog…

Also played Ticket to Ride Online and lost miserably 🙁

Put some finishing touches on a few posts and scheduled them …

Dinesh: Caught up with his sleep… i mean his mails and phone calls 🙂

Has been reading up on the Rig Veda, Nasadiya Suktam… claims that its fabulous… will need to do an Adv course with him to get the Gyan out 🙂

Jai Guurdeva!



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  1. ps a small complaint … the OIS was s’posed to be like a Twitter or something, but its hardly getting filled out (or in) ..

  2. may i ask where one can get the Nasadiya Suktam?
    i looked it up on the net (yes! the Rig Veda is on the net ! on Wikipedia of all things ! ) and its just a half-page …
    amongst many other fascinating little details, here’s one more that might interest you … the eighth Mandala (there are 10 “Mandalas” or books in the RV) has apparently a close similarity to the Avesta !

  3. Hmm..Sounds interesting..

  4. Staarry Theme.. Bau and Dinesh photo is beaming at us!! 🙂


  5. Ellarigu namaskara

    blog tumba chenna giddia
    julie n julia ivaaru manematu french aiytu


  6. Its a great idea .. 🙂

  7. Guruji says somewhere I think .. that the Nasadiya Suktam contains the secrets the scientists want to know .. Dark Energy and the like ..

  8. Well…. 🙂 It is like.. getting to know you from distance… 🙂 without Internet it might have been a remote possibility.. Now it is not!! 🙂