22nd December 2009

Guruji has left the Bangalore Ashram for His Maharashtra tour, from where He will be going on to Germany for Christmas and New Year. The TTC is over, we have 795 more teachers! The Winter Break starts in a few days, preps for it going full swing… we have a busy life 🙂

Dad celebrated his birthday on December 7th, and my sister celebrated her birthday on December 18th… Not much of a birthday for her unfortunately, the twins started their exams on December 18th and Bhuvana started her vacation on December 18th … the perils of being a mother 🙂

I have finished learning a new piece on the piano after a very long time… it’s a beautiful waltz by Chopin, i have to figure out the technology to get it onto the blog… have started to learn another waltz now, it’s proving to be quite tough.

Hema from Bangalore cooked up a storm of superb food yesterday for all of us… we had fresh, soft idlis and crisp dosas with 3 types of chutneys and 2 types of mulagapodi (that superb south indian chutney powder), a delicious sambhar and sumptous rasam, along with hot, hot rice and oodles of ghee from the cows in the ashram!

Topped it off with mango ice cream, that we made in our brand new ice cream maker.

Have got a whole slew of new books and movies and wondering which ones to read/watch first… Completed Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series… you can safely skip over a few 100 pages in book 3 where she talks about the werewolf lore without loosing out on the story at all, there is just one reference to the entire thing later on which has hardly any impact on the story… bella as usual puts herself in some sort of danger, and jacob thinks she is trying to be like the “third wife” from the werewolf story… but i think bella is just being bella 🙂 … the last book was much, much nicer and apart from one unexpected twist wraps up the story pretty well…

Jai Gurudeva!



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  1. ............14 January, 2010

    jgd bau…i think such vivid description of food is not a great idea…i am in office,anyway job is boring and then i see your blog with mouth watering food…which distracts me even more…:))hehe

  2. I think mulagapodi is called gun powder in mumbai 🙂

  3. hey bau eagerly waiting for winter break leaving on friday jus very excited

  4. Dear Bawa,

    My Mom is visiting the ashram.. She left for India 2de..She is gonna stay there till the 8th of Jan.. What are her chances of meeting Gurudev?

    Jai Gurudev!!
    Lotss of love.. 🙂

  5. I never read the book. Liked the Twilight movies. Kristen stewart is doing a great Job.. 🙂

    I dnt know you fancy idlies.. you should come to chennai more often 😉


  6. JGD Bawa,

    I arrive to this link ” http://bawandinesh.name/22nd-december-2009/ “through my RSS reader.

    However, it seems that, on main page ” http://bawandinesh.name ” this article is still missing!!