29th October 2009 (ty suparna)

We are in Mumbai … While Dinesh and i are teaching a YES!+ course in Goregaon, all the other zones of the city are having their own YES!+ courses … around 500 people are doing the course all over Bombay and everyone will come to Vasindh to the ashram on Sunday for a group session…

I finished reading Wings, not the book Wings by Terry Pratchett, which is also pretty good, but another one that i picked up from the children’s section in crossword… Was very nice! don’t remember the name of the author though 🙂

Also read 2 States, Chetan Bhagat’s latest offering. His Five point Someone was a fantastic read, then the next two i found utterly boring. With great trepidation i picked up this one (mainly coz it costs only Rs 95) and to my delight, it was really very nice!!! 🙂 Will post a full review later…

We ate at Tote’s a new restaurant that’s opened up at Mahalaxmi Race Course and people were talking about… it SUCKS! We ordered quite a few things from the menu, in all fairness the mocktail was very good… the rest of the stuff, the portions were minuscule and the prices sky high … v bad indeed! And nothing really tasted good either.

Ate at Pizza hut… that was also a mistake (their standards have fallen dramatically, the amount of cheese on the garlic bread alone was 1/4th of what i remember) but not as expensive a mistake as eating at Tote’s 🙂

Jai Gurudeva!



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  1. Bawa, There are rumors that pizza hut crust as egg in it. Papa Johns are okay. Pizzeria uno has beef in there crust. I do not know if you know this already.

    Jai Gurudev.

  2. hmm bau i have a lovely ginger mango cheesecake that i do its eggless with a yoghurt base will put up the recipe on my blog soon with the pics.. and a lemon one with paneer…..lemme know ill email accross and u can try it out..

  3. Isn’t ‘great trepidation’ too strong a hyperbole to describe your reluctance before you picked up the book Bau?

  4. U should try Indigo Deli, Andheri. The pizzas are really great there.

  5. Shouldn’t it be 29th October, 2009? Talk abt being in the present moment, hah! 🙂