3rd November 2009

We have had an interesting week … 500+ young people did the YES!+ course all over Bombay city, and then converged to the Vasind Ashram on Sunday morning for a session with me and dinesh. Mulund, Thana, Dombivli team had managed to get a nice canopied very make shift meditation “hall”… Nice Knowledge, deep meditation and some lovely music by Krishnan …

Listened to Andre Rieu’s Dancing in the Sky CD on the way to Vasind and back from Goregaon … was sooooo nice!

Then came home and watched the DVD… what a fantastic show! Had also picked up Andre Rieu’s Live in Maastricht 3 DVD and watched that too earlier… It was amazing how people who were all over the house, settled down to watch it and soon everyone was enthralled by the show… Andre Rieu brings the bang back into very classical music … And his concerts are so good, its almost impossible not to like them, even if you have never heard a note of classical music earlier…

DSN starts in 2 days…

and, oh yes, someone’s chappals were stolen at Vasind!! I think we are going to have a really rocking Ashram there 🙂

Jai Guurdeva!



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  1. will surely watch the see!! was gr8 to see all movies,read books told by you!!now cd!

  2. Watched Andre Rieu’s Live in Maastricht 3 on youtube and loved it, even my not yet one year old was swaying her hands on music. Never knew about him before, but was surprised to see how popular he is, concerts were packed with thousands of people even his videos on youtube get hits in lakhs. Reminds me of Guruji saying in Ashtavakra Geeta,’ How big is your world?’ Yes Guruji its very small.

  3. keenly wait for next announcement on yes+ course in mumbai.. i hv asked couple of amy office colleagues to go for it at the earliest.

  4. I remember Ivan’s “Dance of the Chappals”. 🙂

    Love you all.

    Jai Guru Dev.

    (I do not know how to put html in the comments. Here is the actual link to the post in case some unlucky?! ones missed it… http://bawandinesh.name/dance-of-the-chappals/)