A Quick Note on Grace

Q. How do Grace and Seva make things work? Shouldn’t commitment and hard work also be taken into account? I am a big believer of commitment and perseverance. For example, if I have done a lot of Seva, which is supposed to make Grace flow in my life but if I do not study much, how can the Grace get me great grades on my exams?

There are people who say they are super committed but do not do much (Art of Living or otherwise), and simply rely on Grace to make things work for them. Are they wise?

I know these are painful questions. Will it be all right for you to answer these questions of mine? I am not many years old in Art of Living, thus this whole idea of Seva, Sadhna and Satsang is very slowly getting seeped into my system. Thank you.

A. Grace is all about making the impossible possible… Only after through your perseverance and hard work you have already achieved the possible.

Grace is about going to a level you can’t even dream of.


Sadhana, Seva and Satsang are definitely not going to help you clear that exam if you have not studied. They will, however, definitely help you crack that exam beyond your expectations if you have been sincere with your work.
When commitment is not coupled with action, it is no commitment. It’s just a lot of hot air, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

These are by no means painful questions, but they are painfully learned answers when Grace is misunderstood or used as an excuse for laziness.

Jai Gurudeva!



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