A Quickie Post on the Evils of Meat Eating

This is in response to a question about why Indians are consuming more meat compared to our western counterparts of late.

I feel meat eating has been equated to wealth in many minds. I remember once when Dinesh had gone to Africa to a small village, they were going to slaughter a goat in his honour. He convinced them that it was not required, that he was vegetarian, and one goat lived on at least for some more time.

When you consume an animal, you are eating a secondary source. Means that you are rich! Otherwise how can you afford a secondary source of food?!
Would you really want to eat these?

Would you really want to eat these?

Secondly, many of our so called page 3 types have spoken for eating meat. These people are so utterly irresponsible. They don’t do their homework and publicly voice their idiotic opinions for the sheep amongst us to follow. They forget to mention that the meat industry is the 2nd biggest cause of global warming and environment pollution, polluting even more than all the transport on the planet put together. They don’t ever say that by eating meat you are directly contributing to the rape of our beautiful planet and driving thousands of species to extinction. They neglect saying that the meat industry is the prime cause of the culling of our rain forests – We might be loosing as much as an acre every 5 minutes or so. They don’t talk about the horrific consequences of the slurry (excrement) that the meat industry releases into our ground water, polluting our lakes, rivers and seas. They only harp on their “freedom” to eat what they want (never mind that one of their meals could feed 50 people). Our press mostly glorifies them. This makes the middle class want to eat meat. Because meat eating has suddenly become the cool thing to do.
Can eating this be cool?

Can eating this be cool?

Finally, the meat industry is super powerful and creates surveys and ads spending multiple millions of dollars to fool people into believing that what they produce is good for them. A lie repeated often enough begins to sound like the truth. It amazes me how a tech savvy population that we Indians are, falls for these lies again and again, when a simple google search will show us all we need to know to stop eating meat.
That's what mutton looks like when it is alive!

That’s what mutton looks like when it is alive!

Meanwhile the west has realised the terrible effects of meat eating. They have become more conscious of what goes into their mouths and more and more are going organic, green and vegan. This is now being considered to be the in thing in that culture. Many of their celebrities endorse vegetarianism, even veganism and the middle class of the west is moving towards a more humane, compassionate, healthier and  environment friendly diet.
Pigs are more intelligent than dogs!

Pigs are more intelligent than dogs!

This also means that their super powerful meat lobby which only wants to make money and grow even more powerful will go to other places… Namely India to peddle their poison.
Indians really need to become aware of this and for once adopt the ways of the west before it becomes too late and we severely compromise our natural resources much like the US has done in the past 100 years.
Read up John Robbins’s book The Food Revolution. It’s a great start to realizing the terrible consequences of meat eating for your personal well being, the planet’s health and our country’s economy.
Long story short – Stop eating animals, stop others from doing so as well.
Our survival as a species could well depend on what you and I and the people around us are eating!
Jai Gurudeva!
PS On the eve of this year’s Guru Poornima I gave a talk at our Bangalore Ashram called Make the Moon Smile. It deals with this and other problems and what each of us as individuals can do to combat pollution and global warming. While it was being edited, many of our 10+ year old laptops and desktops some how managed to crash all together. The good news is that all the files, videos, etc are safe. The bad news is that we need top of the line new laptops and at least one super fast new desktop, all of them Macs to continue making BnD videos. Make the Moon smile is currently being edited on a laptop that Abhay and Sarang gifted us and should be done within the next 10 days or so… Thanks a lot for that. But we really need more machines to become efficient again. If any one is interested in sponsoring these, we would be very happy! 🙂
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