Aghori… That word has such a connotation. Brings up images of graveyards, naked people bodies smeared with ash, black magic, atrocious sex, voodoo …

Aghori actually means the absolute opposite of all this. Ghor means frightening, terrifying – Aghor means beautiful, pleasant, delightful. Aghori is one who takes life as a wonder filled, beautiful journey. Who is unshaken by anything life can throw at him and moves along in sublime bliss.

 path in forest

This meaning has been mangled beyond recognition and the so called aghoris have no idea what they are practicing and are far removed from spirituality or enlightenment of any sort.

Animal sacrifice is part of these misguided people’s rituals. How can any God be happy if you destroy something that He Himself has created?! Would an artist bless you and appreciate you if you tore up his painting or destroyed a magnificent sculpture he has created?! To satisfy their own urge to eat meat, people make up these interpretations.

Balidan means sacrifice. Who can sacrifice? One who has Bal or strength. Great strength. The greatest sacrifice is to kill one’s own ego. That can happen only through love and surrender. To kill the animalistic tendencies whiten oneself and offer those to the Divine. Not to kill innocent animals and defile the altars.

The true aghori is one who has subjugated the beast within himself. One who is full of love and compassion. Who is surrendered to the Divine. Who is steeped in Knowledge and whose face shines with the light of inner peace. Who moves through life rejoicing in the Glory of the One, knowing there is actually no difference between the Creator, the Creation and Himself.

Jai Gurudeva!



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