April Adventures – Singapore

It’s been a very long time since Dinesh and I lived out of a suitcase… The wanderlust has struck and it has struck big time!

We left India for Singapore and I must say that the economy class seats of Singapore Airlines are the most comfortable economy class seats I have ever sat in!


Singapore had its biggest YES!+ course so far – 65 new people, many of them locals did the course with Dinesh and me in the Dance Hall of NUS (National University of Singapore). They were joined by 40+ more people repeating the course – the hall was filled to capacity!

Anjana and Raja organised this superb event. We will be meeting all of them again on the 22nd of April when we stop over in Singapore on our way back to India. Abhi and Gowri were travelling with us after a very long time and they took over the roles of DJ and photographing.

We ate all sorts of fantastic food in many little restaurants in Singapore – My favourite? Real Food Café!

The Gardens by the Bay had the world’s highest indoor waterfall and it was superb strolling through the two big domes that house thousands of plant species from all over the world – My favourite section was the carnivorous plant exhibit. I saw these beautiful plants live for the first time!


Then we went on to attend the Vigyan Bhairav course with Gurudev in Bali – Read about that in my next post…

Jai Gurudeva!




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