Asking Gurudev…

The other day in the middle of a discussion, someone said, let’s just ask Gurudev. And that lead to my experiences with asking Gurudev questions…

The first thing to remember when asking Him a question is, it should be specific and well researched. You cannot ask Him, Gurudev what should I do next? You need to say, Gurudev, these are my options, here are the pros and cons of each and this is the one I really would like to pursue… What would be Your advise to me?

He will typically never say no. If a No comes from Him, it means by doing this, you are risking your life or the life of someone dear to you. He will typically say choice is yours, blessings are mine, or, wait for a while, then we will see, or some such statement. Though interpreting something Gurudev has said is not very wise, I interpret this as a No, with a capital N! There are times when He does want to give you a choice, possibly all options are good, but I have seen when He wants to say Yes, He will say so in so many words… Yes, Yes, Go ahead!

Don’t ever go to Gurudev, expecting Him to give the answer you want Him to give. His answer will be one that’s best for you, not necessarily the one you want to hear. If you are going to ask Him a question, be ready to listen to Him. Don’t make your own interpretation of what He has said. Listen to Him. And then follow exactly what He said you should do. Many times, I have come away from Him, quite disappointed with His answer… But later have always realised, that this was exactly what I needed to do at that time.

Faith is knowing HE knows what He is doing! 🙂

How far should you follow what Gurudev says to you?

Well, do what He says, but use your own intelligence while doing it. Don’t question Him about it.. why should I do it? etc… For example, if He says go to Bhubhaneshwar quickly, you go as fast as possible. But you obey traffic rules and drive safely. If a cop catches you for disregarding some traffic rule, you cannot lament saying that oh I was doing Gurudev’s work and following His instructions and yet I got caught, why did He not take care of me?!

You definitely do not ask Gurudev why should I go to Bhubhneshwar? What’s the point? etc… That is foolishness.

Wisdom is to do what He has said should be done, and to do it intelligently.

You are of course welcome to point out objections if you have any… as well as mention preferences. But ultimately, acknowledging that He is your Guru means you put all that aside and do what He says should be done.

Some times, He may ignore you or simply not acknowledge you when you have something to ask. Don’t get depressed or impatient. This means you have not done enough homework on the subject. Once you are ready to ask, He will be ready to answer.

One thing is for sure… He will be there for You when you need Him… not necessarily when you think you need Him! 🙂

Finally, remember that He is not here to solve your problems. He is here to give you the strength to solve them yourself. He is not here to make you dependent on Him, but to make you ultimately independent. He is not here to help you live your life – He is here to help you find the ultimate goal of  life…

Like He once said – “I am not here to clear the clouds, I am here to make sure the sun rises!”

Sunrise 2

and then He added with a mischievous smile, when there are a few clouds the sunrise is so much more beautiful!

Jai Gurudeva!






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  1. Dear Bawa,

    thanks a ton … 🙂

    The article has helped me be at ease with myself and not become feverish…

    Thankyou … 🙂

    Jai Guru Dev … 🙂