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Weathering Exams

Many are going to be giving exams soon. Here are a few tips to weather the storm that exams bring into your life. General Do’s and Don’ts Relax!! However well prepared or badly prepared you are, worrying is not going to help at all. Look at exams as a game between you and the person […]

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22nd December 2009

Guruji has left the Bangalore Ashram for His Maharashtra tour, from where He will be going on to Germany for Christmas and New Year. The TTC is over, we have 795 more teachers! The Winter Break starts in a few days, preps for it going full swing… we have a busy life 🙂 Dad celebrated […]

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December 6th 2009

What a lovely day! It’s cool, deliciously cool in the Bangalore Ashram, and the skies are clear and blue and sun is shining but not hot … It’s a day when you want to sing and dance for no reason at all… other than that God has allowed you to be part of and witness […]

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16th November 2009

We had a wonderful whirlwind tour of our mastiful Mumbai… in the last 3 weeks, we did 4 YES!+ courses, 2 Sahaj courses, 1 DSN and a YES!+ Huddle (whats that? Well, come and find out the next time we have one)!! More than 700 people were on the courses with us… Meanwhile the other […]

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3rd November 2009

We have had an interesting week … 500+ young people did the YES!+ course all over Bombay city, and then converged to the Vasind Ashram on Sunday morning for a session with me and dinesh. Mulund, Thana, Dombivli team had managed to get a nice canopied very make shift meditation “hall”… Nice Knowledge, deep meditation […]

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29th October 2009 (ty suparna)

We are in Mumbai … While Dinesh and i are teaching a YES!+ course in Goregaon, all the other zones of the city are having their own YES!+ courses … around 500 people are doing the course all over Bombay and everyone will come to Vasindh to the ashram on Sunday for a group session… […]

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21st Oct 2009

Bawa: Finally finished reading Julie and Julia… Really didn’t like the book so much at all… though there were a few extremely memorable chapters, over all it was a drag… I hope the movie is better. Maybe we will see it when it is released in India later this week… It’s all about this New […]

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Other Interesting Stuff

We made this page on the blog to let you know a little bit about what we have been up to …a sort of an extended Twitter 🙂 soooo here goes: Bawa: Just finished reading Fillets of Plaice by Gerald Durell. Nice book, good timepass read… and in the middle of another book called larklight […]

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