December 6th 2009

What a lovely day!

It’s cool, deliciously cool in the Bangalore Ashram, and the skies are clear and blue and sun is shining but not hot … It’s a day when you want to sing and dance for no reason at all… other than that God has allowed you to be part of and witness such exquisite perfection 🙂

I read quite a few books in the past few days, what with all the travelling from Bangalore to Chennai to Hyderabad etc (written a post on that … you will get to know the details) … but here are quickie reviews:

1. Holes by Louis Sacher, gifted to me by suparna, its a superb book, past and present of a small town in Texas brilliantly woven together… a pig stealing great grand father, a gypsy curse, a kid falsely accused, and a very dangerous warden of the green lake camp are among the few people you will meet in this really nice story… read it!

2. A Princess of Landover by Terry Brooks, high fantasy, set in the Magic Kingdom of Landover, the 5th or 6th part in this really nice series… It’s all about the daughter of the King going through her teens 🙂 … There is the wicked vizier type guy, a magic but dilapidated library (quest is to solve why it got in that condition), an evil Lord who just eliminated his last queen and son who wants to get married to our heroine and of course the dragon… Read the entire series, highly recommended for Fantasy fans…

3. Twilight, New Moon the first 2 parts of the teenage vampire love story by Stephenie Meyer, mostly pure mush, but a nice read none the less…

4. Lark light and Star Cross, by Phillip Reeve, set in an alternate universe, but quite similar to ours… utterly forgettable, these books are on the way to the next book fair 🙂

Have completely revamped the Western Classical Music workshop and now it’s a full day event… 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, please do it next time we have it, you will love it … Also have put the finishing touches on the Financial Literacy Workshop and now that’s complete along with Mathemagic which is my favourite workshop to teach 🙂

Thinking seriously about working on Mathemagic II now… got a few nice movies to watch and am going to complete the Twilight series in the next few days 🙂

Last night ate at the Little Italy in Koramangala in Bangalore, great food, but they have reduced portion sizes, and these are quite stingy now and the music totally sucked… i think i will need to remember to carry around my own CDs when i go to eat out 🙂

Jai Gurudeva!



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  1. I loved the first book of the twilight series, but it was a steep down hill from there. The story becomes weird and I really could’nt take Bella’s whining:-). I would like to know what you think of books 3 and 4.

    • Books 2 and 3 were really not so nice, infact that entire story about the history of the werewolves, i simply went through in about 5 minutes, and didn’t miss a thing… book 4 according to me was the best… just my personal opinion of course 🙂

  2. JGD.

    I just finished Eclipse..i think its the best of the 3 i have read so far. Will read Breaking Dawn soon.

    By the way, i started on Lord Of The Rings again…The book just keeps pulling me back…!!!!:D

  3. wow!! i dnt know you read a loooooot of books. Guess i shall grab a few of those you mentioned 🙂

  4. shikhar mehta07 December, 2009

    going to read Twilight after endsems.:-)

  5. Shefali Rawal07 December, 2009

    Oh my god before an hour Bawa replied n i m reading it. Feeling great ! Jgd.

  6. Bawa,

    I didnt know, u are a fantasy fan as well..!! Have u read the Eragon trilogy, by Christopher Paolini.. Its awesome.. 🙂