Gowri and a Viral Fever

When I went to Chennai in the first week of February, Gowrishankar (Gowri) came to receive me at the airport and as we were driving home didn’t seem to be completely alright. He had a vague feeling of being a little unwell, like the beginnings of a flu. There didn’t seem anything to be worried about at all, nothing that a good night of sleep wouldn’t fix.

Then at night, a fever started and around 5 am spiked at 104.5. It was accompanied by a little bit of shivering and a terrible pounding headache. He was burning hot to touch and just slightly delirious because of the fever and the headache. I started to give him Cranio Sacral Therapy (CST) and felt something was wrong in the tummy. He said he had no pooed for 2 days.

First, I let Gurudev know and asked for His blessings.

I called a few of my doctor friends who knew about CST and spoke to them about what I felt. They prescribed an anti biotic that would work on the stomach called Taxim-O, and crocin for the fever, along with an antacid. If the fever didn’t go down, they asked me to get him to a hospital and have tests done. The medicines bought the fever down just a notch to 103 for a few hours before it went back to 104.5.

We went to the OPD of a hospital near by and the usual long list of tests was prescribed. I was repeatedly told by the staff to leave the room while they were doing their “procedures”, which I repeatedly ignored, firmly maintaining that I was not leaving the room. I really wish hospitals wouldn’t do this. To keep a person in obvious pain and trauma alone with strangers could be so utterly fearful and can only add to the trauma of the person. Besides I knew what medication he was already on. This they didn’t even bother to ask, I volunteered the information that was hurriedly written down.

The doctor there was sure that it was a severe upper respiratory tract infection and was insistent that we admit him. I was equally insistent that we will not admit him because I knew there was nothing wrong in the chest, it was the tummy – but I had no way to convey this to the doctor. They put him on a paracetemol intravenous infusion. While putting the needle in, I was again asked to leave. I didn’t. They had to poke him twice before they managed to get it right. It was done in a hurry and it really pained him. When will these “health practitioners” learn to treat people and not bodies?!

A chest x-ray turned out to be exactly what I expected. Completely normal!

They wanted to keep him “under observation” for two days. I asked what they wanted to observe and assured them that if there was anything even remotely untoward, I would bring him back right away. The paracetemol infusion had got his fever down to 103. They said they cannot let him go with such a high fever. There are so many bugs floating around in a hospital, and a person who is anyways weakened will surely catch some infection while “under observation”. Later I found out that there is actually a term for this. Its called nosocomial infection. There was no logic in letting him stay there. Somehow, I managed to get him away from there.

Once we were home, there was still a very sick Gowri to take care of. His fever was 103. He had a tremendous headache and his joints were aching like crazy.

Adeno-Associated virus

His brother came to visit and was hinting that we admit him. Even Gowri was saying that he wanted to get admitted. By then, I was pretty exhausted and I needed help. I called in Spandan who fortunately was in Chennai and I asked Ankita to fly down from Calcutta right away, just in case we had to actually admit him into a hospital.

Spandan came and started CST and worked on him for about an hour. He broke into a sweat, but in a little while, his fever was back. We did some acupressure on him as well which again helped reduce the fever for some time.

I was talking to Kapil and Ankita many times, and they were trying to decide what to do. The paracetemol was obviously not working. We were giving him Dolo 650. Later I found out that many times this particular drug can be fake. Be very aware if anyone asks you to take it. Better to have a simple crocin. The two of them decided to give him brufen.

The brufen seemed to work. His fever was down to around 101. His headache was still very bad. Kapil took a cue from me and asked me to give him a strong laxative. A laxative later, Gowri pooed for the first time in 2 days and felt much better. His headache was dramatically reduced and the look of relief on his face was priceless. The headache was still there, it was still bad, but it seemed more bearable. Somehow we made it through the night. Lot of CST, lots of love and major amounts of prayer.

Ankita arrived the next morning and took charge. Fresh juice, fruits, vitamin C and a regimen of drinking water was put into place. His fever was still at 102-103. Around afternoon, he pooed again, but the fever didn’t abate. It was then that Ankita decided to give him CST. Using this fantastic technique, she managed to bring the fever down to 100, in just 45 minutes. Of course he had had a brufen earlier, but I strongly feel that the CST which is a fabulous adjunct boosted the effect of the drug.

After that, he started to recover, slowly but surely, and every hour, Gowri looked better to me. Through this, all his blood reports came in and showed normal, except definitely indicating a viral infection. No malaria, no typhoid.

He seemed to be getting to normal and then his Dengue report came in. He tested positive. His platelet count had dropped to around 80,000 from 1,50,000. He also developed a classic Dengue rash on the 6th day.

Extremely yucky raw papaya leaf juice few times a day for 2 days got his platelets back to a healthy 1,45,000 in 2 days. For his rash we gently applied some nice coconut oil mixed with a little bit of powdered camphor. CST sessions continued. The rash flared up for a day and had almost vanished by the time I left Chennai. What should have stayed till the 14th day went in 3 days.

After Ankita’s CST session, there was no fever at all. He feels tired all the time and his body aches but other than looking like he has had a really tough work out in the gym, everything has settled down nicely. Last I saw him, he was back on his phone, talking and messaging to the mystery people he is always talking and messaging to. Things are back to normal. More or less. Gowri has been incredibly lucky!

So what worked?

Gurudev’s blessings, CST, a strong(!) laxative, CST, Brufen, Accupressure, CST, Taxim-O, CST, coconut oil mixed with powdered camphor, CST… and love! 🙂

Jai Gurudeva!



PS Anyone can learn Cranio Sacral Therapy (CST). Sri Sri University will be  offering the first Government recognised certificate program for learning CST. The first (July) batch is full, apply now for the next batch starting in November.

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  1. JGD! Bau,
    Friend of mine coming to Hyderabad in a day or so. Had an accident that caused some trauma to the brain.
    Told him about CST and he is very enthu. Any good practititioner you know of in Hyderabad

    JGD! Love

  2. Awesome bawa. I am in bangalore and would like to do this course.

  3. Jgd Bau. Surely the CST has worked because brufen doesn’t bring fever down it jst relieves the pain.Paracetamol works good in case of malaria.and not pooing for two days or retained stools always give headache and fever.As a doctor i clarified it.


  5. Jaigurudev,
    . I have been reading about your experiences of registering CST to people suffering from ailments of all different sorts. The stories are all full of miracles, and that is what makes me write to you:) My husband is suffering from heart disease,is fitted with a pacemaker, kidneys are getting affected now it seems,is diabetic and 66 years of age. Can CST help in his case ? We live in Indore.

    With love and regards

    Indu Suley MP 0294

  6. jgd
    the information is supremely informative… thanks for the information and get well soon for gowri..

  7. i Had the same issue.and i wasted almost 3 weeks , a week in hospital and two weeks to recover,i didn’t had You tough Physically then ..hahah.and ofcours all my muscles shrieked,but Recovery in the gym happend very fast..JGD

  8. sir!!here you forgot to mention one important think that is the “yuck papaya leaf juice”, which tremendously works incase of dengue fever, had Mr gowri not taken the papaya leaf juice ,he would have been still in higher doses of antibiotics and what not……….you see this is the wonder of Ayurveda……….