My Nine Nice Habits to Celebrate Navaratri 2015

This Navaratri, I decided to do something different than the usual fasting… Something that would be longer lasting, than just starving myself and giving myself a headache at the end of it (Pitta… Need regular food, otherwise I explode)
So for each day of Navaratri, I am going to imbibe a new good habit. Stuff I know I should be doing, but don’t.
Will keep adding my new habits everyday …

Day 1: Visiting our Ashram Ganesha every day. It somehow rounds off the day for me, and brings a sense of sacredness… Feels really nice!

Pratapa Ganapati


Day 2: Brushing my teeth every night. I know I should be doing this, but I usually remember when I am tucked up in bed and so end up not doing it. Fought the Tamas, got out of bed, brushed teeth and wrote this line too!

Brushing teeth

Day 3: Bhanu Didi had made an absolutely brilliant album (music by the super talented B. Prasanna with whom I made the Sri Symphonic Bhajans album) called Cosmic Resonance. It’s a collection of mantras of Shiva and Devi, amazingly arranged and enchantingly sung.
One of the mantras is the Devi Kavacham. Guurdev was mentioning that whoever listens to the Devi Kavacham on a regular basis will be granted victory and success in whatever they do.
My good habit for Day 3 is to listen to the Devi Kavacham everyday. It’s so pretty and the Devi’s armour would be great to have on my side!!

You can listen to it here:

Day 4:  To read at least a page of Knowledge everyday, first thing in the morning. In case you are wondering, I pick and choose between Gurudev’s Knowledge Sheets, The Bhagavad Geeta (I only read the translation, not the interpretation, Gita Press Bhagavad Geeta books are the best!) and Yoga Vasishtha.


Day 5:  Eating a bowl of fresh fruit every morning… It’s recommended that you eat three or four varieties of fruits, and those fruits should be of different colours.

Daily having fruits for an appreciably long time ensures your body detoxes and makes your liver really happy!

Fruit Bowl


Day 6: Last month, I had a splitting headache and couldn’t sleep the entire night. I sat on our balcony around 5:00 am and watched the world come alive… I watched a sunrise after a very long time, and it was such a magical, delightful, wonderful experience … My good habit for Day 6  is to watch a sunrise at least once a week!


Day 7: Our family spent the entire month of May in Matheran when we were children, a beautiful, idyllic hill station very close to Bombay. There are no motorised vehicles allowed in Matheran and the only way to get around is to walk, ride a horse or sit in a hand pulled rickshaw…

Of course, we would walk all the time and everywhere. That’s where I developed my love for walking in the woods so to speak and ashram is such a perfect place to go for long walks… yet i don’t do it as often as I know I should … My good habit for Day 7 is go for walks every day… especially when I am in a walk friendly place like our wonderful, enchanting Bangalore Ashram!

Evening Walk

Day 8: is the Day of Chandi Homa – The culmination, The Super Biggie!!

It’s the day when people who have been fasting, get back to eating rather dramatically! There is typically an 18 course meal for lunch and you don’t need dinner that evening, or breakfast and lunch on the next day 🙂
My good habit for Day 8 is to eat smaller and more frequent meals and eat them slowly and really savour the taste of the meals that are so lovingly cooked for me (or by me). I had been doing that for some time and was feeling so nice, then the bad habit of eating too much break fast started… And it goes pretty much down hill after that…
So fruits first thing in the morning, followed by a small servings of good food 4 to 5 times in the day seems to be the way to keep my stomach really happy and loose weight in the bargain!
A gulp of freshly squeezed lemon juice with a few teaspoons of water at the start of the day also helps big time and I am going to restart that as well.

Lemon Juice


Day 9: The last day and the last night of this enchanting magical time… I think my good habit for day 9 is to make sure i follow the ones I created for myself on the earlier 8 days …

Have a wonderfilled year ahead … Shanti Rastu, Tushti Rastu, Pooshti Rastu!!

All the very, very Best!

Jai Gurudeva!


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