Navaratri 2014

It’s always the same. And it’s always different. This year seems to be more different than same.

Gurudev is not speaking any Knowledge at all. This year it’s all about sit back and experience. No one is saying anything much on the mike. It’s just the chants of the Poojas.

On Dinesh’s birthday, Gurudev gave him a gift for all of us. Just 2 sentences of Knowledge. A little bit to tickle the intellect. Dinesh shared the Knowledge with such Power and Grace.

Dinesh said:

1. Don’t fight with the mind. Just let it be. Your fight is only with your mind.
2. Drop the mind, intellect and ego outside with your shoes, so you can experience the Beauty and Bliss of the Shiva Tattwa within you!


When Rajshree heard it, she said, that’s already a contradiction! 🙂

How can you drop the mind without fighting a bit with it?!

Virat said thank God I don’t think like Rajshree! 🙂

What do you think?!

Today as part of the Poojas, Gurudev played the Veena. It’s just so beautiful to watch and listen to Him play …

Gurudev and the Veena

Tomorrow is Chandi Homa. The grand finale to the Poojas of Navaratri. The invocation and praise of the Mother Divine.

It’s a nuclear explosion of Sattwa…

A very very Happy Navaratri to everyone…

Shanti Rustu, Pushti Rustu, Tushti Rustu in advance!!

BTW, for those in the know, Dinesh and I finally found the tree!! 🙂

Jai Gurudeva!


bawa n dinesh

PS Just a week before Dinesh’s birthday, I had my 45th Birthday 🙂

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