Navaratri 2017 – Night 1

On a one-dimensional line, where is the second dimension? It is inside, on it and all around. Similarly, on a 2-D paper, where is the third dimension? It is inside, on it and all around. If you were a two-dimensional being, the third dimension would be mystical and magical for you. Something you could only begin to imagine…

Get to the third dimension and the fourth dimension should be inside, on and all around the three-dimensional you.

Could God then be an n-dimensional entity, n tending to infinity?

Let’s skip the abstract maths and think about it another way. Right now, wherever you are, there could be the transmission of various channels – BBC, CNN, Disney, Discovery channel, etc. Can you see them, hear them or feel those signals? No! Yet if you have a Television set and a receiver to tune into those particular frequencies, you can access them.

Similarly, the God frequency is everywhere. If you have a body and a mind to tune into it, and the technology (meditation) to access it, you could. Anywhere, anytime.

There are certain places and certain times when the signals are particularly strong. Certain places have an inherent power to them that comes because many people have meditated there over prolonged periods of time. Times like Navaratri and Shivaratri amplify this Shakti so that the energy becomes palpable… Many times, to even those who don’t know how to meditate!

For a person who has been meditating, these places and times are super special. We in the third dimension could potentially get glimpses of other worlds and aspects of this Creation– Fantastic beyond imagination…

To get the biggest thrill, a good surfer knows how to ride a wave at exactly the right moment. To earn great returns on the share market, an astute investor knows when to buy, when to hold and when to sell. A meditator knows the extreme importance of Navaratri and will ride the wave of this Supreme Energy – For a Thrill that never diminishes and Returns that only multiply over lifetimes.

To spend these nine days and nights at our Bangalore ashram is an absolute blessing. If you consider yourself to be a meditator or are into any sort of spirituality, to be doing anything else during these nine days is an absolute waste.

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar recently tweeted – Navaratri is celebrated as the victory of good over evil. However, from the Vedic outlook, the victory is of the Absolute Reality over the apparent duality.

Ponder these words during these next nine days. If you are still not on your way to Bangalore ashram, book your tickets and come. Preferably Tonight.

The Gods and Goddesses are already here waiting to welcome you 🙂

Keep watching this space for more about Navaratri 2017 from Dinesh and me.

Jai Gurudeva!


Bawa n Dinesh

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