Navaratri 2017 – Night 2 – My Birthday! :)

This year, the second day of Navaratri happened to be my birthday. I keep getting asked how I spend my day… So here is what I did today.

Dinesh lovingly woke me up by pressing my feet at around 6:00 am. Then he went off to teach Yoga to the people doing their advanced courses in the ashram. I lazed around for a bit and then got out of bed, took a bath and got ready for the day.

Today Dinesh and I had to go to submit our documents for our Schengen visa at the VFS centre in Bangalore. We had an early appointment, so we left ashram around 7:30 am. it was a beautiful, cloudy, cool day. Reached there, realised they needed some more documents than we had, got them, submitted them successfully, and after about 3 hours, were on the way back to the ashram when dad called.

He is looking to get a new car and was seriously thinking of buying a Tata Nano. I spent the next few hours going into various car showrooms and making sure he didn’t. It’s now a toss-up between the Maruti Celerio, Swift Dzire and the Honda Brio… As long as it’s not the Nano I am fine. So far, the day had been humdrum at best.

We reached ashram around 2 in the afternoon, ravenously hungry.

Hema and her mom had made a full-on South Indian feast. Kamesh had made some quinoa Khichdi.

Finally, it felt like a birthday!

We all had really tasty and healthy food – drumstick sambhar and quinoa, parpausuli which is something I really like – it’s steamed dal + boiled French beans + some utterly delicious spices, two more yummy veggies and payasam made with red rice, milk and jaggery – no sugar. Belly satisfactorily full, I now wanted to sleep.

Everyone had come home the night before to wish me and be part of the midnight Guru Pooja and cut the customary cake. It was a very nice gooey, moist, chocolate cake! Note the past tense 🙂

We ended up talking a lot about our next book… Yes, we are writing another one… and it was pretty late by the time we slept and I was running low on the second state of consciousness. Dinesh gave me Rekkenho a Japanese massage technique we had learned and I drifted off…

I was woken up by Ajay, Arvind and Srivi yelling Happy Birthday… Was too tired to even get out of bed. They hugged me, I wished Srivi (it’s her star birthday today) and promptly went back to sleep… I vaguely remember various other people coming and wishing me… Rupal, Tamana Aunty… but I slept through all that

It was 6:00 pm when I woke up… had a bath, wore a veshti and Dinesh and I left for Satsang via the Gurukul where we go to meet our Lord Ganesha, Lord Narayana and Goddess Saraswati, the Sapta Matrukas, Lord Munishwara and Maharishi Patanjali… along with any other subtle Beings who happen to be floating around. Bowed down to them all and off we went to Satsang.

Went and sat right in the Yagyashala… the Rudra Pooja was on and Gurudev was in the depth of His Silence. You feel a rush of energy of a very different quality when He is like this. A soft, Strong Quietness envelopes you and carries you off to a meditative state…

After a blissful meditation, and some rousing bhajans, Gurudev got up and floated out… Of course, He didn’t look at me… He doesn’t even acknowledge the Universe when He is in the Navaratri Silence. On your birthday, you expect Him to give you a hug or some flowers or something… but somehow Him not doing anything was just perfect.

His Grace makes us able to slip into that enchanting meditative state, but His sister, Bhanu Didi was the one who initiated me into meditation. She gave me my Sahaj Samadhi mantra and she keeps a sort of silence too during Navaratri. As soon as Gurudev left, she took my hand, took me to the stage where Gurudev had been sitting and garlanded me. She put a chandan and kumkum tikka on my forehead. I touched her and her husband Narasimhan uncle’s (whom we all call Anna meaning big brother) feet. They blessed me, hugged me and my day was made.

Happy Star Birthday Srivi!!

Everyone around hugged and wished me and there were many photos taken.

Dinesh and I came back to our lovely home Vyas Kuteer… and I decided to do all the things I should have done in the morning if that visa business had not been there. I exercised with Lalit… Did core exercises on the floor, grunting through them, glad that I could do them. Many people came by to wish me and we all talked and joked while I finished my exercising…

Then I took a bath, freshened up and did my full Sadhana routine. Padmasadhana, Sahaj, Sudarshan Kriya, Sayam… the works! That took about 2 hours.

And then I wrote this piece out

In between, I was answering phone calls, replying to messages, answering emails and generally getting pampered by anyone who got a chance

In case you are wondering, it was my 48th birthday. And it was a very nice day!

Thank you, everyone, for all the blessings, the wishes and the love.

Jai Gurudeva!

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