Navaratri 2017 – Night 4 – Devi Kushmanda

This is a little-known form of the Devi. At least I didn’t know about this one until I heard what Gurudev spoke about her… When there was darkness before everything, it is said that Devi Kushmanda smiled (she must have used Sudanta) and created the cosmic egg from which Creation sprung forth.

Kushmanda is Sanskrit for Pumpkin. I guess that’s why whenever someone says to you my darling pumpkin, you smile and their whole world shines and both of you become happy.


A pumpkin is supposed to have a unique property – it has the ability to both absorb prana and radiate prana. A pumpkin is full of a lot of seeds which have the potential to become a source for more pumpkins. From the very small, it becomes a huge fruit and this huge fruit has so many small seeds.

Our own energy has this quality – of being smaller than the smallest and larger than the largest. The pumpkin is a symbol of that. Within you is the entire Universe. And you are like a little seed in the manifest Universe… And sometimes like Devi Kushmanda all you need to do is smile to bring fullness to life.

Don’t worry if too many thoughts or restlessness grips you for these next three days. They are the days of Rajas. I wrote out quite a lot of a chapter of my new book today. I guess the trick is in channelizing the Rajas instead of fighting it.

Good Night!

Jai Gurudeva!



PS You can read what Gurudev has spoken about the nine forms of the Mother Divine at and get these super cute Devi images! 🙂

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