Navaratri 2017 – Night 6 – Restlessness

Considering that these 3 days were days of Rajas and many may have felt all sorts of restlessness in their systems, I thought I would take a cue from Gurudev and talk about the five types of Restlessness that could have popped up for you. They certainly did for me.

The first is the restlessness due to the place you are in. This one was obviously ruled out. If you are feeling restless in the ashram, it doesn’t have anything to do with the ashram… but other places can create this in you. Moving away from them will create a sort of a peace in you. Coming to the ashram can create a veritable explosion of peace in you.

Come… Peace, love and Joy are awaiting you here!

The second, restlessness in the body. Wrong food, crazy eating times, not exercising or overworking can all cause this one. Remedy? Eat the right kind of food (an entire chapter in my new book is going to be dedicated to this… Maybe an entire book), eat at more or less the same times each day (dinner definitely before 8:00 pm), exercise (The Yogic Fitness series of courses will teach you how) and an adv course or three every year should take care of work fatigue.

If this is your mind… wear the seatbelt called Sudarshan Kriya and enjoy the ride 🙂

Restlessness of the mind – too much ambition, strong likes and dislikes cause this one. Spiritual Knowledge helps dissolve this. Seeing Life from a broader perspective. Knowing that you are going to die someday. Knowledge of life or death, confidence in yourself, faith in the Divine will alleviate this restlessness.

Restlessness in the deeper parts of the mind, emotional restlessness – Nothing helps here… when things in the head go on a rollercoaster ride, you are in trouble. Your seatbelt is the Sudarshan Kriya and meditation. The presence of a Guru, a Saint, an Enlightened Being can greatly calm this restlessness.

The restlessness of the Soul happens to only a select few. Real prayer comes forth. Siddhis and miracles dawn in your life. This is longing for the Divine from your very core. It is extremely precious. Satsang and the presence of an Enlightened Being alone can soothe the restlessness of the Soul.

Today, the Grand Homas have started. The energy in the ashram is scintillating and sparkling. Tomorrow Rajas and Tamas will give way to Sattwa. That feeling of peace and joy. That lightness of Being, that allows you to be in the world, yet not of it… Like a Lotus – Even though it is all the time in water, it never gets wet. The next three days, Creation celebrates the Ultimate Victory. Everything is perfect.

Jai Gurudeva!






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