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Anshika was one of the first followers of my blog. She started following whatever I had written since she had been 14. I had run a few contests on the blog many years ago and she had managed to win a dinner with me! 🙂


It never happened and this time while in Delhi, I bumped into her at Avinash’s course. She seemed vaguely familiar until she told me her name. Then I recognised her immediately! We are having dinner tonight and she is coming over for it 🙂

Shavina Dinesh and me


I have always wanted to see the Taj Mahal. My grandfather used to tell me of it’s beauty when they had been on a family vacation there ages ago. There was a talk in Agra about Cranio Sacral Therapy organised and I quickly agreed to it. I had been told that it’s nothing really spectacular or anything but I still wanted to go see it.

Taj Spire silhouette

I have to say it’s an absolutely stunning, amazing, enchanting monument. If you have not seen it, you must! There is just so much Grace in that building. I do wonder why there is a kalash and Lord Shiva’s half moon on the dome though. Those are very “hindu” motifs for such a “muslim” monument.

Some time ago, I did a facebook QnA session. Here are some of my favourite answers… Some are with tongue firmly in cheek!

Q. Stress?????

A. Meditation!!!!!

Q. Career or relationship. What to choose?

A. Think you are on your death bed. What would you not regret choosing at that point? That’s the one you should choose.

Q. How to stop over thinking?

A. Start working!

Q. If more confusion comes after doing Sadhana, what to do?

A. Sadhana brings clarity. But you need to want that clarity. Clarity means you will need to start to work. So many choose to remain confused.

Q. How to be in a relationship of 2 different castes? What should come first, love or caste?

A. If you are in a relationship like that, keep notes. However it works out, you should be able to get a nice book out of it!

Q. What’s the shape and size of the Atma? It’s in an ant as well as an elephant. How is that possible?

A. It’s a highly elastic right angled triangle. Fits anywhere!

Jai Gurudeva!





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