What is Stillness?

According to Ayurveda, the three doshas are basically the manifestations of the interactions of the five elements air, water, fire, earth and ether or space. Good health is simply balancing all the elements.

5 elements

It is interesting to note that the four elements air, water, fire and earth exist in space. That space is all pervading. Everything is in space, happens in space, yet space is not affected by any thing. Space participates 100% in the Dance of Creation, yet is 100% detached. I feel this is exactly the stillness that bio dynamics talks about.

Stillness simply IS!.

Everything, everywhere and everywhen (refer to Interstellar :)) happens out of stillness. An intention of motion, an intention to incarnate, creates the universe, you and me. We are born of and return to Stillness.

Here are a few instances when stillness has become obvious for me.

During the Silver jubilee celebrations of the Art of Living, Gurudev conducted a short meditation. There were close to two and a half million people assembled there. At one point during the meditation, Gurudev made all of us chant Om.

Think about it. The sound of half the population of New Zealand chanting Om together. The Silence after, can only be described as Stillness. It was as if the entire Creation had paused for a few minutes. An ethereal, indescribable peace settled around us all. Nothing moved. That for me was Stillness.

Another time we had gone for a hike up a mountain in Ireland. There were many of us and we were a boisterous bunch. Huffing, puffing, laughing and joking, we made our way up the trails, pausing here and there to catch our breath and take a few photos of the phenomenal natural beauty around us.

A few of us managed to go a little faster and were waiting on the edge of a deep green copse, which further lead into a forest. I really wanted to pee, and I went into the copse to relieve myself. After emptying my bladder, I was going back to the trail, when I felt a tug to explore the forest and go deeper in.

Meanwhile the others had caught up and decided to have a picnic and had opened all the food and there was much yelling and joking and laughter coming to me through the trees. I went just a little deeper into the woods, maybe a few feet and very suddenly there was a hush in the air.

There was no reason why the sounds of my friends had dwindled so dramatically. I felt drawn in and went further and a sense of calmness and contentment settled over me. I feel goose bumps even now as I remember it and write about it. There were old, old trees around me. I felt loved, welcomed and at utter peace with myself and everything around me. There was an age old Silence there. I wanted to sit there and meditate, not leave at all. It felt as if I had gone deep inside me and found that elusive wonder that everyone is looking for manifested outside, there in that forest. This was “Stillness”.


I went back out to the party and took two more of my more sensitive friends to the Stillness in the Woods. It was as wondrous for them as it was for me. It seemed to all of us as if some ancient spirit of calmness had made His home there and shared His tranquility with all those fortunate enough to find Him. The sudden hush, the greenness, the beauty, the love all came together perfectly in those moments. We were gifted Stillness that day.

One more time was a concert at the St. Chapelle in Paris. It was a lovely evening and we had decided to attend a classical music concert at the St. Chapelle. It was beautiful old baroque music. Written by the great masters in the 1500s. It was a small chamber orchestra and the lead violinist played like an Angel. He was a virtuoso and gave life to the music in ways I couldn’t have imagined. At the end of one of the pieces, the beauty and the Silence was so profound that no one even clapped so that that fragile spell the orchestra had weaved for us not be broken. That was Stillness.

Concert at St. Chapelle

Silent Night sung with devotion by a skilled choir brings about Stillness.

Chanting Om often brings me to the fringes of Stillness.

Meditation almost always leads to Stillness.

Sudarshan Kriya is Gurudev’s gift of Stillness to the world. For everyone to experience even if it is just for a few moments the awesome majesty of the substratum of Creation.

One of the reasons I love Cranio Sacral Therapy (CST) is that the therapy itself can bring about Stillness in the person being treated as well as the person who is treating.

I have given around 70 odd CST sessions so far and I have experienced Stillness a few times. This one stands out.

I was giving CST to a mother with a very spirited child who bounced all over the room while the treatment was going on. When the mother went into Stillness, the entire room seemed to go silent and the frisky little one, suddenly became quiet.

The mother’s breath was a gentle murmur and mine too was hardly there.

It seemed like we were floating on a bed of light. There were a few minutes of utter calm and then she stirred. Much later, when she opened her eyes, they were shining and she knew something special had happened that day.

Stillness is special! 🙂

May everyone have many, many moments of Stillness in 2015 and beyond.

A very, very Happy New Year to everyone!! (It’s a little belated, because I wanted to get this post just right and make it really special for all of you)

Jai Gurudeva!





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