What to do during Navaratri?

The ultra super best thing to do is come on over to Bangalore Ashram and be part of the Navaratri celebrations here. There is absolutely nothing quite like it. Gurudev in silence is some ethereal, exquisite Being. Words cannot possibly convey what I feel as He seemingly floats in and out of the Poojas every evening.

Gurudev at Aarti

The air seems to somehow come alive. Meditation is deeper, smiles are broader.

If you cannot make it here for whatever reason, still come! 🙂

A pathetic alternative is www.artofliving.org/navaratri … Watch what’s happening online. It’s better than nothing 🙂

The best thing to do is a silence program. The first few days when Gurudev is in silence, sit on an adv course and do some hollow and empty meditations.

If this is not feasible, then take things a little easy at least for the first 5-6 days. Eat less. Have more fruits and juices. Slow down.

Do Yoga. Meditate more. Sit on satsangs. Sing, chant, go inwards to the celebration that is happening in your own core.

After the 5th day, it’s time to really soak in the Sattwa and prepare for the grand celebration coming up. Little more outwards now. Start eating food, dance in the evening to the infectious garba. Decide what you are going to wear on the Ashtami (8th day).

The 10th day, Vijayadashami is day for all out celebrations… Have a party! Go for a long drive… Go wild!

I have written many posts about Navaratri and various significance of whatever happens in these days. They are on this blog. Read them up! 🙂

Have a great time going inwards and outwards…

Jai Gurudeva!



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