Why does Sri Sri Ravi Shankar travel in Expensive Cars?

Why does Sri Sri Ravi Shankar travel in “attention grabbing” cars or fly in choppers? Why can’t He travel in cheaper cars?

Got asked this question on Quora.

Here is my answer:

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Here is a scenario:

A devotee asks Gurudev, Gurudev please ride in my new car. It would make me very happy!!! It’s an Audi!!
Gurudev says No I only ride in Marutis. Preferably just the Wagon R with no AC.
Would that make any sense at all?
I have travelled with Gurudev in train, in second AC, in planes, in cars of all sorts. Whatever happens to be available. He has driven with me in my Santro and later my Altis. He sincerely doesn’t look at what car he is in, just who is driving it and with what feeling. He has travelled in all possible transport. Sometimes even in a bullock cart. How come you missed that? 🙂
Another Scenario:
Gurudev, we have 5000 people wanting to meet you in Vellore. Please come.
At the same time, there are 5000 people in ashram waiting for Gurudev in the evening for satsang.
Going by car to Vellore and coming back on time is out of the question. If He doesn’t take a chopper, one set of 5000 people are going to feel left out and disappointed. What would you do?
Deny them?
Sometimes a chopper is the only option.
Just as an fyi, I don’t know if you have flown in a chopper in India. I have quite a few times when I have accompanied Gurudev. It’s one of the most uncomfortable ways of travelling I know of. you are squeezed into a seat that’s 1/3rd smaller than economy of commercial aircraft. It makes sooooo much noise you have to wear ear muffs. You can’t talk. It can get pretty hot. It’s not as cool as it is made out to be.
Finally, what real difference does it make if He travels in “attention grabbing” cars or not? Just because He is a spiritual Master, why should He not be made comfortable physically? Why have so many people equated spirituality with poverty? If poverty was the key to spirituality, Dharavi (or any other slum) would be a spiritual epicenter.
In our culture Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth is MARRIED to Lord Narayana the God of Knowledge (The Ultimate Guru). Where there is true spirituality and wisdom, there will be abundance and prosperity.
Another reason to learn and practice meditation huh?! 🙂
Jai Gurudeva!


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