Bawa and Dinesh

Khurshed (Bawa) and Dinesh are teachers of meditation, prolific speakers and authors. They have been teaching the Art of Living series of courses for more than two decades across the world. They have been invited to speak at various national and international fora, at corporate houses and educational institutions, and have given numerous TEDx talks. Their first book Ready, Study, Go! sold more than 60,000 copies. Their second book The Happiness Express was released in December 2018 and has sold more than 20,000 copies so far.

Wellbeing and fitness through alternative healing practices are their big passion. They are certified practitioners of Craniosacral therapy. Bawa is a certified Bach Flower Remedy practitioner.

Their other interests include food, travel, music, social media, gaming, books, being in nature and caring for the environment.

Happiness Express

A Journey to Everyday Wellbeing

Everyone wants to be happy, but the time most people spend being truly happy is fleeting – gone like dew drops in the morning sun. Khurshed and Dinesh have spent the greater part of their lives being happy and coaching others to be happy. In Happiness Express, they share the secrets behind their smiles.

This warm and funny book which abounds in personal anecdotes and practical tips for everyday wellbeing will make Happiness a more integral part of your life than ever before.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a profound, non-invasive, holistic healing process that works through gentle touch to release stress, disturbance, injury and deep-seated trauma. It is known to benefit an entire range of problems, from minor aches and pains to severe chronic conditions.

CST can bring positive changes in the musculoskeletal, nervous, cardiovascular, circulatory and immune systems as well as the organs, tissues and fasciae. It triggers the body’s self-healing mechanisms and restores balance across various systems, resulting in vibrant, bouncy health and a deep-rooted feeling of wellbeing.

Ready Study Go!

Smart Ways to Learn

Could studying actually be interesting and enjoyable?

It depends on your attitude and your methodology.

This book explores the attitude towards study and has tips and techniques to make studying into an interesting, enjoyable activity instead of the dull grind that it seems to have become for most people.

The authors hold hard earned degrees from the prestigious IIT Bombay, and they reveal through personal anecdotes how they managed to succeed.

There are few things that can give the exhilaration of finally understanding something or cracking a problem whose solution has eluded you for a long time. The writing is crisp and witty. Examples and stories abound. Dip yourself into this book and soon you will be itching to learn something new!

Bach Flower Remedies

Almost a century ago, Dr. Edward Bach, from the U.K. discovered that certain flowers have the ability to affect our emotions positively. His original Bach Flower system of 38 remedies and their combinations are powerful, yet simple and easy for everyone to understand and use.

The Bach Flower Remedies are a safe, non-invasive, alternate therapy that can work synergistically with any other form of treatment.


Khurshed and Dinesh can be booked to give talks on a wide range of topics – Meditation, Spirituality, Effective ways to deal with stress, Environment, Leadership, Studying Smarter, Fitness… They have spoken at innumerable educational institutions and corporate houses the world over. Invite them for a bespoke interaction today.

Past Speaking Engagements

Wall of Love

“They know exactly how communicate with young people. I did the Art of Living course with them when I was at the lowest point of my life. My life would have been completely different without them. They are the best mentors one can have.”

Heramb Sathye

“I am a doctor and I used to treat diseases. After my interactions with Bawa n Dinesh and doing many courses with them, I have finally learned to treat people!”

Dr Ankita Dhelia

“I’ve been very lucky to have Bawa n Dinesh in my life since I was a teenager.
They are fantastic teachers and role models for the best I want to be. Their knowledge, humour in challenging situations, coolness and genuineness is utterly effortless. All this shines through in their workshops in spirituality, wellness, or personality development and bowls me over every time.”

Shilpa RS Architect, Urban Planner and Wellness Coach

“I had done my first Art of Living course (YES!+) with Bawa-Dinesh. I’ve never met such amazing people! They provided practical solutions to the challenges that I faced as a student. They understand the language of the youth and have a fanatastic knack to convey their points of view.

I learned how to tackle the tough situations, overcome failure and maintain healthy relationships!

I have repeated a few courses with them and each time the learning gets better, the experience deeper!”

Mandar Sathye

“I have attended different sessions with Bawa n Dinesh, the most recent one being their Craniosacral Therapy Training. It does not matter what the session is about – the authenticity, energy and lightness with which it is delivered is so charming and full of depth that you cannot help but learn. Their teaching is effortless and their presence speaks volumes. Feel very fortunate to be associated with them and to be part of these sessions.”

Aruna Kumari Kolachalam IT Leader, Bangalore

“Every time I attend Bawa and Dinesh dada’s sessions one thing is guaranteed – I come back feeling lighter, energetic and uplifted.

Their sessions are filled with facts and practical knowledge. It has helped me to be more confident, a team player, a good leader and most importantly to have a bigger vision for life by giving back to society.”

Dhara Shah SAP consultant, Mumbai

“Every interaction I’ve had with them (Bawa n Dinesh) has been absolutely marvellous and hilarious, to say the least. Bawa has such a rib tickling sense of humour, it has me chuckling even when i think about his remarks when I am back at home.

Sensibleness and intelligence just ooze out of them. As an added bonus, they are very sensitive, practical and down to earth as well. They explain difficult concepts in very easy-to-understand, everyday language.

I am glad to share that i am very happy doing the Craniosacral Therapy Training with them. I look forward to participating in many more seminars and courses with Bawa n’ Dinesh in future.”

Nimesh Vora

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