Aadi Lakshmi

Written by Khurshed Batliwala

November 1, 2021

Who are you?

Most people will reply with their names and possibly what they do. I am Khurshed. I am an Art of Living teacher, an author, a speaker, a coach. I am a friend, a son, a pianist, a chef. I am an Indian. A Parsee.

These are just roles you play. Who are you?

Hmmmm…. I am the body-mind complex.


And so, when you sleep and the mind shuts off and you cannot really feel the body, where do you go?

Who are you?!

When you continue to ask this question in a meditative state, to yourself and do it with playful innocence, at some point insights about your Source will dawn. You will start to get glimpses of your Source. Where you came from. Who you truly are. And this changes everything.

Have you read those stories in which a common street urchin suddenly figures out that he is actually the Prince. His entire demeanor changes. The way he walks and talks is different. The way people perceive him completely changes.

It’s exactly like that here. When you get to realize even a teeny tiny fraction of who you are and where you have come from, it’s like Aladdin being transformed by the Genie into a Prince. The Genie used magic. We use Meditation, Enquiry and Knowledge. All quite magical in their own right.

The Wealth of realizing your True Nature, of the Knowledge of your roots and your source is extraordinarily precious. Aadi means the Beginning or the Source and Aadi Lakshmi, the first of the Ashta Lakshmis represents this incredible power.

As you read and re read this piece effortlessly become aware that you are indeed wealthy beyond measure as the Knowledge of your Source dawns within you.


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