As we go through life, different types of moods and emotions take up lodging in our minds. Some of them are fleeting, like soap bubbles, others more enduring. Quite a few do not stay long enough to bother us, but some of them do...

As we go through our lives, layers upon layers of these emotions are formed in our minds. We are all susceptible to these and they more or less shape what we do and how we think. They create imbalances in our system. They hinder us from truly living out our full potential as human beings. They stop us from loving and receiving love, being happy and making others around us happy. In acute or chronic cases they rob us of our health and our peace of mind.

Bach flower remedies are prescribed depending on the state of mind and not on the nature of malady that may be present in the body. They harmonise and heal - physically, mentally and spiriutally. They are non toxic, not habit forming and can never harm even if wrongly prescribed. They form perhaps one of the simplest systems of healing that I know of. They are a gift to humanity from Dr. Edward Bach.

Dr. Bach was a very well known physician, bacteriologist, homeopath and researcher. He was a well-respected doctor having a lucrative practice at a Harley Street Clinic in London circa 1920s.

He had great success with conventional medicine but was put off by the way doctors were supposed to treat the symptoms or diseases and ignore the person who was suffering from them.

He was convinced that it is the mind and emotions that play a vital role in maintaining health (or in recovery) and wanted to find something that would treat the cause of the malady and not the effect.

Dr. Bach was of the opinion that physical disease was not (merely) of physical origin, but a consolidation of a mental attitude.

He based his treatments on the principle – “Treat the person, not his disease”.

He believed that if the mental condition was treated, the physical condition would resolve itself. The true cause of disease was imbalance in the emotions. The natural state of the body is to be healthy. Balance the imbalances and everything is going to become perfectly fine.

Having understood that most physical diseases were created by mental conditions, Dr. Bach wanted to create a system of remedies that could be used by anyone and everyone to propel themselves towards great health.

To realise this vision, the system had to be as straightforward and easy to use as possible.

It had to be simple.

He knew that the remedies would be found not in the laboratories and hospitals and clinics, but in the countryside, in the woods and the fields – In Nature.

Over a period of around 5 years, Dr. Bach tramped through the English countryside looking for his healing flowers. He found 38 remedies, and rightly felt that these 38 remedies and their 293 million permutations and combinations covered every single state of mind and mood possible. They were complete. There would be never be a need of a 39 th.

He wrote the book The 12 Natural Healers. Very short, precise and compact. It was all that was required. In fact he went to the extent of burning all his notes before he died. He called them the scaffolding of the building – required while the building was being built, but to be removed and discarded once the building was made.

He wanted that his work be preserved as is, that no remedy ever be added or deleted. The Bach Center in the UK strives to uphold his wishes and his vision and steadfastly guards his wonderful legacy.

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