Ready Study Go!

Smart Ways to Learn

Our first book published by Harper Collins. This book has helped thousands of students the world over to excel at their studies. More importantly, it has helped them enjoy the process of learning.

Though we rote this book mainly for students, it has quite a universal appeal and is for anyone who wants to use their brain the way it was supposed to be used.

Ready Study Go! – Smart ways to Learn has been translated into Hindi, Tamil and Bulgarian. An Engligh Audio book format is available as well.

Happiness Express

A Journey to Everyday Well-Being

Our secrets to lasting happiness. To a smile that lights up your eyes and warms your heart.

We talk about various great habits to cultivate that will pave your way to everyday well-being. Everyone has experienced happiness in their lives at some time or another. To make that feeling into a lasting sustainable experience requires a bit of practice.

It’s easy when you know how… and along the way you will finally understand what a derivative means. Really!

Our second book was published by Amazon-Westland.


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