Survival of the Focused

Our brain starts off with 100 billion neurons. These tiny cells communicate with each other through hair-like structures call dendrites. Each neuron can have 5 to 7 dendrites on an average and all these interact with each other to more or less create intelligence and memory. As you are reading this sentence, electrical signals are […]

One Way to Accelerate Learning

As adults, we have to continuously keep learning and updating ourselves. Most adults, however, have an aversion to learning. Images of walking into exam halls, shivering through vivas and battling with sadistic professors flash through our minds when we even think about studying anything new. Our brain is a miracle of organic technology – Did […]

3 Quick Things to do when you feel Anxious or Unsettled

When we feel unsafe or threatened by anything – real or imaginary, our brain responds to the “threat” by making the body go into the Fight or Flight mode. Depending on the magnitude of the perceived threat, you may experience a cold feeling in the pit of your tummy, sweaty hands, hot or cold flushes, […]

Learning to be at Home at Home

All these years you went out to work. You laboured day in and day out. Each day, you longed fondly to get back home. To your place. Your Space. A crisis has now forced everyone to remain indoors.   Let’s assume there was no crisis, but you just decided to give yourself a much-needed break. […]

Vitamin G

About a decade ago, we would have been hard pressed to choose – Spend the month of March in Rishikesh with Gurudev or go to Bangalore ashram for Navaratri in September-October. So, we didn’t choose. We went both places J Rishikesh has a very, very special place in my heart. It is incredibly beautiful. But it’s […]

Tackling Exams – II

21 tips for people who are not prepared for their Exams The following has been adapted from our book Ready Study Go! – Smart Ways to Learn published by Harper Collins. For more details and many, many more tips, techniques and stories about Learning and How to Learn, please buy our book and read it. […]

Weathering Exams

Many are going to be giving exams soon. Here are a few tips to weather the storm that exams bring into your life General Do’s and Don’ts Relax!! However well prepared or badly prepared you are, worrying is not going to help at all. Look at exams as a game between you and the person […]

Bye Aban Mummy

My darling mother passed away yesterday. She was called Aban mummy by everyone. She was more or less the universal mom. She had been a victim of paralysis and it’s terrible consequences for a very long time and finally she is pain free. She is in a much better place than she was while her […]