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Music acts like that magic key to which the most tightly closed hearts open.

– Maria Von Trapp

Sri Symphonic Bhajans

A Unique Musical Experience

Ever wondered how bhajans would sound if a full blown western classical orchestra played them?

I was playing a bhajan on the piano we have in Vishalakshi Mantap, lost in the music, oblivous to the environment around me. Gurudev had finished a class He was teaching in one of the halls and had come and stood next to me while I was playing. He had ensured all the people who were with Him were quiet.

When I finished and looked up, He was smiling and people around were clapping… and He said to me, you should make a CD like this. I happened to talk to Pransanna who is a brilliant composer about this and he and I decided to make a western classical take on some of Art of Living’s most famous bhajans.

I knew exactly how I wanted the bhajans to sound and Prasanna was fantastic at understanding what I envisioned and he flawlessly created the tracks almost pulling the music out of my head. I have to add that Gowrishankar too, played a quiet and critical role in the creation of this music.

Result? This very special CD!

Float away with us on this musical journey where the unfamiliar suddenly starts sounding totally familiar.


A Waltz for Lord Ganesha

Almost a Tango for Radha and Govinda

Lord Narayana’s Andante

A March for Lord Shiva

A Duet for the Devi

A Canzonetta for Gurudev

Happy Birthday Polka

Lord Hari’s Sonata

Theme from the short film “Who is God?”

Violin for the Duet, Tango and Sonata – V. S. Narasimhan, Piano for the Tango – Nivas Prasanna
Sound mixed and mastered – Abin Paul
Music arranged by B. Prasanna
Cuilinary Support – Kamesh, Kuldeep, PD, Tanu and the Cafe Vishala Team
Moral Support – Abhiram, Gowrishankar and Mayur
Music recorded and produced at V19 Productions
Original CD and Cover Design – Rupal Shah and Trupti Gawde
Overall Interference and Sudden Brilliant Ideas – Khurshed Batliwala (Bawa) and Dinesh Ghodke

When playing a game, the goal is of course to win. But it is the goal that is important, not the winning.

– Reiner Kinzia

Mumbai Connection – The Board Game

Gaming Unplugged

All the tension, drama and triumphs of creating the world’s most complex city train system have been flattened on to a board!

After years of playing board games, it was an obvious step up for me, then, to decide to create a board game of my own. A game that people would love to play again and again. Something simple, but with a few twists and turns that would bring on depth and complexity. I wanted it to be considered when parents would think of buying board games for children. Equally, I wanted it to stand out as one of the best board games for adults.

 I didn’t want to make it one of those boring educational board games, yet, I wanted to sneak in some fun information about Mumbai and India. About the traditions and culture of the city and country of my birth. It was quite a challenge gamifying these aspects and incorporating them into the game!

A strategy board game such that there would be a huge difference in the winning strategy depending on who you are playing with, and what your starting hand was like – with just enough luck factor to keep things mysterious till the very end.

More importantly than all of the above, it had to be a fun board game.


I thought of what could be simple and complex all at once, and somehow, the Mumbai local train system popped up in my head. Some of the most famous board games of all time have trains as their theme. Besides, I love trains and I love Mumbai as a city.

What if private corporates were given charge of the local train system in Mumbai? What would they do? How would they revamp and upgrade it? How would they make money? What kind of entrepreneurial strategy would work? The game evolved to answer these questions.

I sincerely thought when my team and me started work on the game, it would get done in a matter of a few weeks. It took us three long years to create it. Weeks of play testing went into it to get the balance just right. Many, many people played it over and over again, giving us valuable feedback that was incorporated into the design. 

The game itself is a massive production. The board is humungous. Quite possibly the largest board ever.

The graphics are gorgeous. Each and every component is lovingly designed. Board games are very tactile. Everything in a board game needs to be feel good to hold and see. Only the best materials were used to make the game components and the feel of the various game pieces in your hand is outstanding.

Mumbai Connection – The Board Game.

We are very proud of how it has turned out, and we ourselves play it again and again. To make it even simpler for you to get into the game, we have created videos and uploaded them on youtube explaining the setup, rules and game play.

Mumbai Connection – The Board Game will appeal to intelligent 8 year olds, adventurous 80 year olds and all ages in between. Hours and hours of strategical fun await you, your family and your friends.

Play with your friends and see for yourself who will be crowned the Ultimate Rail Raja or Rani! Mumbai Connection is gaming unplugged.

No batteries, no Internet, not even electricity is needed to play this board game. Just your wits and a sharp intellect!

To order Mumbai Connection, please drop us an email – the game costs Rs 4000 + shipping

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