Dhairya Lakshmi

Written by Khurshed Batliwala

November 5, 2021

Fearlessness is wealth. Courage is the currency of the Kings.

Dhairya Lakshmi, the fourth aspect of the Ashtalakshmi Pantheon grants valour. When you want to do something big in life, you are going to need her Blessings. When you decide that just dreaming about a better life, a better world, is not good enough, and you decide to do something about it – you are going to need Dhairya Lakshmi’s favour.

To manifest all that you want and believe that you are capable of making it happen requires great courage. To dare to dream and then to get out there and make those dreams a reality requires a will of Iron.

Without Dhairya Lakshmi, even getting out of bed in the morning will feel scary. She is the fire in your Soul.

Roar!!! You are much bigger and better than you think. Dhairya Lakshmi, the fourth aspect of Wealth makes the World your Home – You become the Boss of the Planet!


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