Dhana Lakshmi

Written by Khurshed Batliwala

November 2, 2021

Dhana Lakshmi is the second of the Ashta Lakshmis. She has amazing PR and is quite possibly the most well-known and most favoured. She represents material wealth.

She is quite capracious and is normally depicted sitting on a lotus floating in water. A lotus floating in water is quite pretty to look at, but it is not a seat one could call stable by any stretch of imagination. This means she could diminish or vanish any time.

There is a story.

There was this beautiful home housing an extremely devoted family. Everyone in the family loved Lord Narayana and worshipped Him with great fervor. Naturally, He would visit their home often and stay for long periods of time with them.

Lakshmi seeing her husband spending so much time with this particular family got jealous and went to their home and just spilled wealth – gold, diamonds, rubies, emeralds – all over the home.

This sudden wealth blinded them and the Lord was not in their minds as often as He used to be. Lord Narayana felt He was not wanted there anymore, and left their abode. Lakshmi, her mission accomplished, disappeared from there as well.

Having said this, the Indian tradition has elevated wealth to the status of Goddess. And not just any Goddess. She happens to be the consort of the Lord Himself. Lakshmi and Narayana are married. Meaning Spirituality and Material Wealth go hand in hand. There is no conflict if you meditate on one hand and run a successful business on the other.

Many people have the habit of referring to prosperous people as “filthy rich” or “obnoxiously wealthy” – This is supremely disrespectful to Goddess Lakshmi who represents Prosperity. Think about it, would any one really want something that’s filthy and obnoxious in their life? By referring to wealth in these derogatory terms, they are ensuring that they actively repel it. It’s little wonder that their bank balance is what it is.

Reverence and respect for wealth will go a long way to bring this beautiful, whimsical Goddess into your life.


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