Happiness Express is Almost Here!!

After the resounding success of our first book – Ready, Study, Go – Smart Ways to Learn our editor sat Dinesh and me down and more or less ordered us to write another book. While we were bouncing ideas, she said – I always wonder how the two of you manage to be so happy so often. What’s your secret?

Welllll … our secret is just 5 words – Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar … She wanted more words and our second book Happiness Express was born.

Happiness Express our second book, published by Amazon-Westland

We decided to look at all the things we do that brings a smile to our face and to the faces of people around us. I remember a TED talk by Benjamin Zander, where he says, you know you are doing living right when the eyes of people around you shine – Shining Eyes, Shining Eyes…

Over the last 25+ years, I think we have managed to bring a twinkle and a sparkle to many thousands of eyes all over the world and Happiness Express has all the love, grace and science that has made that possible.

We hurtle through the cosmos on Spaceship Earth and our book is packed with personal anecdotes and practical tips that will make your trip around the sun even more fun.

Keep watching this space for goodies from our books as well as stuff that will complement what we have written so far.

My blog is up and running after a long time and it’s great to be back on our little corner on the world wild web!

You can (pre)order Happiness Express from by clicking which will take you to the relevant page on Amazon. Our book should be in your hands by the end of December 2018, well in time for the New Year – I would suggest you definitely get one for yourself and a few more for people around you. For the time being, Amazon is allowing 30 copies of our book to be ordered per account.

You could give Happiness Express as a thoughtful New Year’s gift to people around you. What better way to begin 2019 than with a smile that starts on your lips and goes all the way to your heart?! … And stays there 🙂

Jai Gurudeva!




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