Happiness Express

An all inclusive life instruction manual suitable for all age groups. It’s quite incredible the amount of content the authors have managed to squeeze into one book. It tickles the brain and touches the heart at the same time.

– VSS Mani, Founder and CEO, Just Dial

A book is a dream that you hold in your hand

– Neil Gaiman

Happiness Express

Everyone wants to be happy, but the time most people spend being truly happy is fleeting – gone like dew drops in the morning sun. We have spent the greater part of our lives being happy and coaching others to be happy. In Happiness Express, we share the secrets behind our smiles.

This warm and funny book which abounds in personal anecdotes and practical tips for everyday wellbeing will make Happiness a more integral part of your life than ever before.


Learn about the importance of Rest – It turns out that keeping your eyes closed is one of the biggest secrets to a long-lasting smile!

Figure out the right types of food to Eat – A healthy gut often translates into a happier you. Get to know how physical

Exercise not only gives you a stronger, healthier body but even makes your brain younger.

Unearth the thrill of Learning all over again and give that innate curiosity you had as a child a second chance.

A Journey to Everyday Well-Being

Thousands of people have enjoyed reading our book – and we are sure you will too.

Follow just a few of the tips and techniques in it – you will be guaranteed to have a smile that lights up your eyes and warms your heart.

Welcome to Everyday Well-Being.

Happiness Express Mix

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Sleep is your super power – Great sleep makes you younger, healthier and smarter!


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90% of how you feel, what mood you are in and how healthy you are is determined by what you eat.


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Our bodies were built to move. Millions of years of evolution have not prepared us for the sedentary lifestyle that this tech age has bought onto us. Exercise is critical for both physical and mental health.







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Our brain works on a “use it or lose it” principle. If you stop learning, your brain will age faster. Keep learning to keep your brain supple and active.

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The elusive 4th state of consiousness. Get to know more about what adventures await you on your inside.


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Everyone wants to be happy. No one seems to have the time for it though. We reveal our secrets of having a smile that lights up your eyes and creates that warm glow in your heart.

Love from our Readers

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Happiness Express.

Bawa and Dinesh have made findings from research accessible and directly applicable to my day to day life and surprisingly fun to read.

I especially loved the chapters on rest and exercise. I benefitted immensely from incorporating the advice from the book and making it part of my daily routine. 

Harsha Vardhan

Tech Lead, Facebook

Bawa’s cerebral and witty narration and Dinesh’s solid, spiritual approach blend beautifully and make this book shine in unexpected ways. Add all the fun facts and illustrations to the mix, and it becomes an unputdownable read.

Your mood can dictate which chapter you may want to read. Looking for a bit of sunshine? Go to ‘Happiness sutras’. Looking for new motivation in your life? Read about ‘Learning’ and ‘The Feynman technique’. Want to learn about your mystical side? Read the chapter on ‘Meditation’.

I come back to it again and again and I am sure you will too.

Muktai Deshpande

Dentist, Adjunct Instructor, Edu Destinations

Happiness Express is an absolute must in your library. It’s a book that can be read and re-read again and again in any order.

Each chapter is complete by itself, yet adds to what has already been covered in the book. The illustrations add to the charm of an already charming book.

This authors manage to keep the subject matter simple, yet profound all at once. I found myself giggling and laughing quite a few times.

Read it. You will love it.

Jigyasa Chopra

Chartered Accountant

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