Happiness Express

Everyone wants to be happy, but the time most people spend being truly happy is fleeting – gone like dew drops in the morning sun. Khurshed and Dinesh have spent the greater part of their lives being happy and coaching others to be happy. In Happiness Express, they share the secrets behind their smiles.

Learn about the importance of Rest - It turns out that keeping your eyes closed is one of the biggest secrets to a long-lasting smile!

Figure out the right types of food to Eat – A healthy gut often translates into a happier you. Get to know how physical

Exercise not only gives you a stronger, healthier body but even makes your brain younger.

Unearth the thrill of Learning all over again and give that innate curiosity you had as a child a second chance.

Get over Procrastination - the Dark Lord of bad habits and start doing all the things you ever wanted to right away.

This warm and funny book which abounds in personal anecdotes and practical tips for everyday wellbeing will make Happiness a more integral part of your life than ever before.

This book will be releasing in December 2018 – Watch this space to preorder your copy.

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