Written by Khurshed Batliwala

February 23, 2021

Me: What is water? I want to understand water…

You: It’s a liquid. It’s made up of 2 atoms of Hydrogen and 1 atom of Oxygen – H2O. This is what forms water… You can drink it, take a bath with, put out fire with it…

Me: Really?! But aren’t Hydrogen and Oxygen both gases? How did they get together and form water? And aren’t they highly inflammable too? Yet you use water to put out fire?

You: Yes…

Me: Ok… and what happens if you heat water?

You: It becomes a vapour… so if you heat it, it turns into gas.

Me: And if you cool it?

You: It becomes ice – solid. And floats in itself.

Me: Are you sure?! Is this for real?

You: And then there is this anomalous behaviour of water…

Me: Wait you don’t think all this is anomalous?!

You: You know what, forget about understanding water. Here have a drink and you will know what water is.

Me: (Drinking the water) – hmmmmmmmm…

There are certain things you simply cannot understand, but you can know, feel and experience. Water it one … Love is another.

The Sanskrit word for water is “apah” and amazingly the same word means Love as well. Those Rishis always knew what they were doing when they were naming stuff.

Like water, don’t try to understand love – feel it, and experience it – and through that you will know it, though you may never understand it.

What a Wonderful World!

Jai Gurudeva!




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