Ready Study Go!

In this book, Bawa & Dinesh answer questions asked by students the world over. They do this simply and profoundly, yet in an amazingly fun way!

– Achin Bansal, All India Rank 1, IIT JEE 2007

I am still Learning

– Michaelangelo at age 87

Ready Study Go!

It is the night before a Math exam and your brain has frozen from fear. There’s a cricket match on TV and you are too distracted to work on that chemistry assignment which is due tomorrow.

After hours of reading the same history lesson, you are unable to remember the dates.

Focusing on those French verbs is quite impossible when you have just had a tiff with your girlfriend.

Are there smart ways to overcome such situations?

Can studying actually be fun?


We managed to graduate from IIT Bombay. Let us tell you how studying can be made into a delightfully enjoyable and meaningful experience.

In our book, you will find techniques for easy recall, emergency studying, a simple yoga and exercise routine and diet tips anyone can follow.

 We have detailed all the paraphernalia required for successful learning with amazing tips and techniques that are tried and tested to help you crack your exams.

Study Smart 

Thousands of students the world over have read our book and swear by it.

Full of riveting facts and personal anecdotes, our book will guide you on a journey that will transform your studying habits and possibly even your life.

Use your brain the way it was supposed to be used and watch the magic happen.

Smart Ways to Learn

Effective Studying
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Using the brain the way it’s supposed to be used can completely change the learning experience. We explain how the brain functions with respect to the process of studying. We show you how to unleash the super powerful organic technology nestling in your skull.

Mind Mapping
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Our brain is not geared to think sequentially. To create lists and go through them in most cases is a strain and almost unnatural. Learn to use mind maps to ideate, recall, and explain. One of the best aids to studying. Ever!


Emergency Studying
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What to do when you are not prepared and your exam is tomorrow. A quick read through the chapter on Emergency Studying will tell you exactly the strategy you need to adopt to at least make sure you clear that exam.

Effective Studying

Mind Mapping

Emergency Studying

Dealing with failure

Personal Anecdotes

No Job? So What?!

Dealing with Failure
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Sooner or later, failure is going to be inevitable. Some strategies to leverage failure towards your ultimate success are essential and you will find these in our book.

Personal Anecdotes
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Getting admission in, and graduating from one of India’s most prestigious educational institutions was far from being a cake walk. Celebrate our wins and learn from our failures through stories that happened to us. Most people find these sections of our book most interesting.

No Job? So What!
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Lakhs of people are looking for jobs. Many don’t get one or hate the one they are doing. A mini survival chapter for ones who cannot find a job. You will find inspiration by reading stories of our friends who have had a good amount of success without a job. Maybe you will be the next Steve Jobs!

Love from our Readers

Exams are no longer a nightmare. My attitude towards exams and studying have had a dramatic shift.

I used to be utterly stressed especially during exam time. Now, after reading this book and using a lot of mind maps, I feel confident.

Thanks a lot for this brilliant book. 

Jasleen Kaur

Application Analyst, Bechtel India Pvt. Ltd.

Ready Study Go! is a personal guide which is always there for me. It’s full of effective ways of handling tough situations in my life – the pressure of exams, issues related to focusing or a problem of short term memory.

I used to think that self-help books are boring. This book proved me utterly wrong. It’s bursting with mischief and humour while remaining grounded and practical and useful.

It’s a fantastic book. Everyone should read it.

Isha Rathi


If there’s any secret to successful studying, this book has it.

Ready Study Go! is the perfect tool to smart studying at whatever stage of life you are -school student, college student or in a job.

I found it to be a simple, yet super interesting read that transformed my outlook to learning.

Sunidhi Guraba

BDS Student, Government Dental College and Hospital, Punjab

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