Santaan Lakshmi

Written by Khurshed Batliwala

November 6, 2021

Santaan means children. And Santaan Lakshmi is the joy, fulfillment and gratitude you feel when your children do well in life.

I would like to give this Lakshmi a much broader portfolio – and include your family, friends, followers and well-wishers. Your Tribe.

To be a King or a Queen, you need subjects. And those subjects should be delighted to have you as their leader.

Santaan Lakshmi brings you loyal, happy-to-be-with-you followers.

Ever since Facebook, Instagram and the rise of Social Media, Santaan Lakshmi has got a whole new world to handle – all Likes, Follows, Shares and Comments are through her Blessings. Influencer Marketing is her domain.

Santaan Lakshmi, the fifth aspect of wealth, makes you the King or Queen of your tribe and grants you a tribe of many, many dedicated wonderful followers.


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