Music acts like that magic key to which the most tightly closed hearts open.

– Maria Von Trapp

Sri Symphonic Bhajans

A Unique Musical Experience

Ever wondered how bhajans would sound if a full blown western classical orchestra played them?

I was playing a bhajan on the piano we have in Vishalakshi Mantap, lost in the music, oblivous to the environment around me. Gurudev had finished a class He was teaching in one of the halls and had come and stood next to me while I was playing. He had ensured all the people who were with Him were quiet.

When I finished and looked up, He was smiling and people around were clapping… and He said to me, you should make a CD like this. I happened to talk to Pransanna who is a brilliant composer about this and he and I decided to make a western classical take on some of Art of Living’s most famous bhajans.

I knew exactly how I wanted the bhajans to sound and Prasanna was fantastic at understanding what I envisioned and he flawlessly created the tracks almost pulling the music out of my head. I have to add that Gowrishankar too, played a quiet and critical role in the creation of this music.

Result? This very special CD!

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Violin for the Duet, Tango and Sonata – V. S. Narasimhan, Piano for the Tango – Nivas Prasanna
Sound mixed and mastered – Abin Paul
Music arranged by B. Prasanna
Cuilinary Support – Kamesh, Kuldeep, PD, Tanu and the Cafe Vishala Team
Moral Support – Abhiram, Gowrishankar and Mayur
Music recorded and produced at V19 Productions
Original CD and Cover Design – Rupal Shah and Trupti Gawde
Overall Interference and Sudden Brilliant Ideas – Khurshed Batliwala (Bawa) and Dinesh Ghodke

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