Tackling Exams – II

21 tips for people who are not prepared for their Exams

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If you are one of the people who suddenly woke up today and had a crashing realization that you have an exam tomorrow for which you are just not prepared… Read on!

Follow these tips and there just might be hope for you.

  1. Accept that you may be utterly unprepared for the upcoming ordeal. Do not waste time giving gaalis to yourself and others around you. Just plain simple acceptance that you are not prepared is enough. Acceptance brings a sort of peace and this peace in the mind is critical to be able to function in a crisis.
  2. Start as early as possible in the evening.
  3. Pray. Help from anywhere is welcome. If you know how to meditate, meditate for 20 minutes. Don’t zone out longer than that.
  4. Don’t count the number of pages left. Simply work.
  5. Don’t waste time on any pointless activity. The ONLY thing you need to do is work. No facebook, no tweeting, no Instagram, no nothing. Just you and the books.
  6. Don’t bother about making a schedule. The only schedule you have is to work till you can’t and then push it a bit more. Then sleep and wake up early enough so that you can at least revise whatever you have done before the exam.
  7. Keep all the things you need handy. Textbooks, blank papers, pens, pencils, whatever… Clear your work area of any distractions. Mobiles and other electronic gadgets that you don’t require at this point should not be visible.
  8. See if you can have someone else join you while studying. If one looses focus, the other helps get it back.
  9. Drink water and stay hydrated. Not tea or coffee. Or aerated soft drinks. Just water.
  10. A light dinner and simple munchies will take care of the hunger pangs that might arise.
  11. Start by skimming over the entire notes two to five times at the very least. This will give you some idea of what’s coming at you and will give your brain a bit of time to assimilate stuff.
  12. Don’t count the number of pages. Just work!
  13. If there is something you particularly like or know from that subject, first finish that off before you move to other more challenging stuff. Finish easier things. One thing done is one thing less to do.
  14. Review whatever you do every hour to hour and a half. This will help it settle in your mind.
  15. Don’t count the number of pages left. Just work!
  16. Taking a 10 minute break every two hours will help a lot. Just take a quick walk and come back.
  17. Write stuff out. In the exam credit is given for writing not reading. So make sure you write things out twice or thrice. It helps it stick. Draw rough diagrams and label them. Make flow charts if required.
  18. Did I mention not to count the number of pages left?
  19. Read my earlier post on tackling exams. Especially the During the Exam and After the Exam Sections.
  20. If a friend can help you, reach out and ask for help.
  21. When you are through with your exams, buy our book Ready Study Go! – Smart Ways to learn and follow the techniques and tips in it so you don’t keep getting into this mess again and again. You can buy our book from bit.ly/readystudygo

All the very best!
Jai Gurudeva!
Bawa n Dinesh

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