Two Mantras to get Work Done

Written by Dinesh Ghodke

November 20, 2020

Just assume that you have a lot of work to do! You may snap back saying, I don’t need to assume, I HAVE a lot of work to do.

So, you have a huge ToDo list. If you systematically or critically go through the list, you may see that there are some items that get carry forwarded from previous Todo lists or if you are in the habit of updating the same list, those items just stay put there, day after day, week after week.

First of all, you have to go through the list and sort out the stuff that HAVE to be done, and weed out those that can be done WITHOUT. The cleanup mantra being, drop-it-and-relax. The entries lingering for long and taking roots in the list, which you can ‘firmly’ decide that you don’t need to do, just drop it and relax. AND do acknowledge the feeling of relief when you remove it from the list!

What to do with the remaining items that you have to do or get done? What strategy to employ?

Have you realized that simply looking at the list, or just thinking about putting all that effort make you feel spent and exhausted. And from that exhausted state of mind, will any action be creative, efficient or productive? Chances are slim if at all they exist! If you reflect on your past or look around you, have you noticed that work not done tires you more than work done?! For a home maker, if 10 families are coming for dinner, thinking about cooking can be quite draining to the extent that inertia sets in even to start it off. But getting on with the work one by one item, a little at a time can be encouraging on the go and once finished, it is exhilarating. Same for a professional working for a huge deliverable. Thinking about doing can be more taxing that the doing of it.

Mentally worrying about doing something can increase the stress hormone cortisol which triggers the fight or flight response, either of which don’t contribute towards reaching your target. Doing the work little by little, taking baby steps from one small milestone to another can boost dopamine, which is the reward and motivation hormone. Dopamine in turn sparks you to do more, which pumps more dopamine for you to do even more, and before you know it, the work’s done!

In conclusion, work that has to be done, Do-it-and-relax. This will add to your fulfilment and energy. Stuff that can be done without, Drop-it-and-relax.

Finally all we want is to relax. The smart ones use these two mantras to manage work and achieve greatness while relaxing and ensuring good mental health.

Good health in general (be it food choices, exercise or deep sleep and meditation) somehow remain the unlisted items on our daily task lists and get relegated to temporary new year resolutions. And slowly but surely, through consistency of neglect, their value in our lives keep skyrocketing. By the time we are 40/45, maintaining great health and dynamic energy levels seems like a crisis. Visionary people tend to act before something becomes critical. That’s where my health and energy coaching can come in quite powerfully to reach all our fitness and productivity goals. A healthy bodymind and tons of energy can improve and heal your relationships too.  


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