Vitamin G

About a decade ago, we would have been hard pressed to choose – Spend the month of March in Rishikesh with Gurudev or go to Bangalore ashram for Navaratri in September-October. So, we didn’t choose. We went both places J

Rishikesh has a very, very special place in my heart. It is incredibly beautiful. But it’s not a hollow sort of a beauty that is superficial. That beauty of a 5 star property which sings of false comfort and forced service. The beauty in Rishikesh seems to stem from the Earth herself, from the mountains, the forests, and most importantly from the magical Ganga. It infuses the atmosphere with a sort of serenity that is indescribable. 

Gurudev would give us the most amazing Knowledge in Rishikesh. We learned the Padmasadhana directly from Him here… One morning, He called a few of us and said watch me as I do some asanas. It was impossible to watch. We would keep slipping into meditation. He would keep saying open your eyes and watch… That sequence of asanas, pranayama and meditation became known as the Padmasadhana.

He was at His playful best here. We had so much adventure, laughter and fun with Him. I remember the first time He sent me rafting. I was reluctant to go because it would mean spending a day away from Him but He insisted… We had such an adventure! I have never gotten over the adrenaline rush of a rafting trip down the Ganga.

Silence courses in Rishikesh were unusually deep. We had the most intense meditations there with Gurudev. Every morning at 4:00 am, He would take the entire Advance Course for a icy chilled dip in the Ganga. We would have crazy fun there with Him and then traipse back to the ashram and meditate with Him for an hour. After a month of Spiritual frolicking, it would be time to leave. The only reason we would agree to go back and teach courses is we knew we could come back next year and do it all over again…

His schedule doesn’t allow Him the leisure of a month in Rishikesh anymore… He goes a few days here and there… Our schedule allows us more time. We love going there in March and reliving those halcyon glory days with Him… Telling stories to each other, pointing out the places we would hang out with Him or take walks with Him.

This year Dinesh and I will teach an Advance Course on the banks of the Ganga in an exclusive little resort. It even boasts a quaint little beach on the river bank. Check out the photos! There can only be 60 people on this course and we have around 30 people already signed up. It’s an exquisite place.

Don’t miss this chance to be here with us and go deep within yourself… And, for the adventure outside, of course, there will be rafting… The entire advance course will go white water rafting on the Ganga together.

Satsangs with Harshal who is flying down from Bombay specially for this course completes the magic - Our yearly dose of Vitamin G(anga).

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