World Sleep Day 2021

Written by Khurshed Batliwala

March 20, 2021

Sleep is a really strange super power that nature has given all of us.

If you have enough great quality sleep, you will become younger, stronger, sexier and smarter. If you don’t you will age faster, become uglier and definitely dumber. Every single organ and system of the body is impacted by sleep. Sleep well and your life will change in ways you cannot even begin to imagine. Don’t give sleep a priority and the devastation on your health is insidious and almost irreparable.

Here are some interesting facts about Sleep

  1. Human beings are the only species on the planet to willingly delay their sleep
  2. Dolphins – indeed most fish and some birds sleep in a strange way – half their brain sleeps, while the other half remains active. Then the first half “wakes up” and the other half goes to sleep.
  3. 12% of people dream exclusively in black and white – before colour tv, 75% dreamt in black and white
  4. Giraffes need to sleep only around 2 hours each day. Brown bats need 20 hours!
  5. People who are born blind experience dreams as emotions, sounds and smells instead of images
  6. High earners get the best sleep (could be the other way around – because they sleep well, they earn better)
  7. Sleep deprivation will kill you faster than food deprivation
  8. If it takes you less than 5 minutes to fall asleep, you are probably sleep deprived. Ideally you should take between 10 to 15 minutes to sleep
  9. Regular eercise improves sleep quality. However, vigourous exercise just before bed will prevent you from falling asleep
  10. Tigers and human infants sleep 16 hours a day
  11. People who are sleep deprived can never realise they are sleep deprived

And here are 2 tips to improve the quality of your sleep

  1. Watch sunsets – the blue and white colours of the day become yellow, pink, orange and red, before fading into the darkness of the night. This gives a super strong signal to the brain to start the mechanisms triggering the onset of sleep. White Light after sun down is the enemy of sleep. It will confuse your brain into thinking that day time is still continuing and your brain will delay your sleep cycle.
  2. No Caffiene after 2 pm – Caffiene is 10x more potent at blocking sleep than white light. Having coffee or tea after 2 pm is a sure shot way of compromising on sleep quality and quantity – hence and almost guaranteed way to glow older, uglier and dumber.

We have written much more about sleep in our book Happiness Express. Many of our readers wanted to know even more about sleep, we got hundreds of emails and requests for that – so, our next book is going to be all about exactly that. It’s called Sleep your way to Success – it’s about sleep and success. Releasing Q4 -2021.

Invoke Sleep.

Good Night!


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